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Cappuccino Media is mobile apps mediabuy team with global iOS and Android inventory. Members of Cappuccino team all have years of experience in the fast-developing mobile advertising industry to give you the very best traffic so you can get the best sales ROI to your campaigns. We deliver WW traffic on mainly CPI/CPA/CPL/CPS promotion models basis.

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User Acquisition

We Target All Mobile Platforms. Android, iOS or Windows Phone, we target all systems. Whether you’re looking to acquire new users or to build an effective mobile traffic monetization Cappuccino is the right partner for you.


Connect right now, monetize and engage Get benefits and enjoy Cappuccino SDK - the premium choice for app developers worldwidе: Improved stability and general performance Full support for iOS and Android Plug-ins for Unity cross-platform .


Shopify offers you over 100 beautiful and professional templates (themes), so your online shop can look great. If you have an online shop, your shop has to look good. Why? It builds credibility and trust right off the bat. It’s the same idea as a brick-and-mortar store – it has to look clean and professional to encourage visitors to stay and have a look around.

Connecting the world with technology

A responsive, retina-ready & wide multipurpose template.

Machine Learning

From the development of user portraits big data and user feature building and the improvement of computing power, this year has made great progress in information flow feeds and newsfeed. There is almost no need to input any key words, and the information flow knows your heart, especially you.

Big Data

Gather your most valuable mobile marketing data points into one simple interface. Spot hourly trends, evaluate user LTV and analyze custom cohorts so you can assess each campaign's impact on your bottom line.

Artficial Intelligence

Big data is the foundation of artificial intelligence. Based on user portraits generated by big data, artificial intelligence can help advertisers identify consumers or potential consumers, quickly analyze and make decisions.

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